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The Cagayan State University (CSU) is the largest state institution of higher learning in the Cagayan Valley Region, in terms of enrollment and number of curricular program offerings. The University was established through Presidential Decree 1436, later amended by Republic Act 8292 by the integration of all publicly supported higher education institutions in the province of Cagayan.

The university is composed of eight (8) campuses in the growth areas in the three congressional districts of Cagayan; the Aparri, Lal-Lo and Gonzaga campuses in the 1st District; the Piat, Lasam and Sanchez-Mira campuses in the 2nd District; and in the 3rd District, the Andrews and Carig campuses in Tuguegarao City. Each campus is headed by an Executive Officer (CEO) except in Andrews Campus where the University President concurrently acts as the CEO. The seat of governance of the university is at the Andrews Campus, where the central administration holds office.

The university offers courses in liberal arts, social sciences, law, medicine and allied professions, business and economics, natural sciences, engineering, technology, agriculture and fisheries and teaching, among others. It offers the most graduate and undergraduate courses of all the universities in the province of Cagayan.

In March 2012, Dr. Romeo R. Quilang, former President of the Isabela State University (ISU), was elected by the CSU Board of Regents to serve as the CSU System's fourth president.

History: The College was founded in 1993 and it is strategically located at its main campus in Tuguegarao City. The CSU College of Medicine envisions itself as a center of excellence in the region and in the country by providing the highest medical education to the health needs of the people. The first batch of students registered 100% in the licensure examination in 1999, thus, corresponding to its ardent vision of attaining quality medical education.

Infrastructure and Departments: The current school year was a witness to constructive changes and infrastructure developments across the different campuses of Cagayan State University. A series of "circa 50" buildings, which serve not only as institutional facilities but as aesthetic icons, representing the university motto: "Educating for the Best", are now in the final phase of their construction process.

Moreover, other physical facilities in the university are facing major rehabilitation specifically in CSU Andrews being the"show window" of CSU.

Physical improvement within the eight campuses of the university is evident and is geared at developing and encouraging higher aspirations among its poor students. Modern buildings and comfort rooms were put up to deliver the necessary service to students all over CSU.

The College of Medicine Complex provides spacious air conditioned lecture rooms for medical sciences and laboratories. There are around 10,400 college students in the university. Approximately 600 are graduate students while the rest are undergraduates. The campus hosts huge air conditioned lecture rooms for medical sciences. Additionally, overhead projectors and LCDs are available for Seminars and lecture workshops for productive learning.

Center of Excellence The College of Medicine has distinguished itself by its performance in the licensure examinations, besting even Manila- based medical schools. The College of Law ranks a high 35 among the over 120 law schools in the country and has always have Bar Examination passers. The Colleges of Allied Health Sciences, Business Entrepreneurship & Accountancy, Engineering and Agriculture have contributed national topnotchers and have very commendable performances in Medical Laboratory Science (Medical Technology) Accountancy, Engineering and Agriculture, respectively. And the College of Criminal Justice Administration has posted a creditable percentage of passers in the licensure examinations.

A growing number of students find in CSU low-cost, quality education. While the thrust has been on providing the university with much-needed infrastructure, the university has also turned with determination towards quality improvement and control and has submitted itself to the voluntary accreditation process with the Philippine Association of Colleges of University - Commission on Accreditation.

"this campus aims to produce the best professionals in various fields of specialization for national and international market "

Why Study Here?
CSU Carig is one of the eight campuses that make up Cagayan State University (CSU), the largest state institution of higher learning in the Cagayan Valley Region in terms of student population and number of curricular programs.

With at least 300 high calibered and renowned faculty members, this campus aims to produce the best professionals in various fields of specialization for national and international market as well demonstrated by its remarkable performance in board examinations for Agricultural Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electronics Engineering, Physical Education, Veterinary Medicine and Physicians’ Licensure Examination and in the National Competency (NC II) examinations for Automotive Technology, Food Technology, Garments Technology, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Technology and Electrical Technology.

The Pre-Medicine Program of the College of Arts & Sciences, Cagayan State University, is a 16-month long accelerated program which prepares foreign students for the College of Medicine. Below are the admission requirements:
1. Student applies to the College of Arts and Sciences through the Office of the College of Coordinator for Foreign Student Affairs, in coordination with the University Coordinator for Foreign Students submitting the following documents:
1.1. Transcript of Records
1.2. Diploma
1.3. Certificate of Good Moral Character from School Last Attended
1.4. Recommendation Letter from Previous Professors

Student shall submit the afore-mentioned via-email. Original copies shall be submitted once admitted.

2. The College evaluates the document and makes appropriate recommendations as to the Issuance of Notice of Admission
3. The Dean together with the Campus Executive Officer recommends for Approval the Notice to the University President. The University Coordinator for Foreign Students content notes the said Notice and the President shall approve the same. Once so approved the College, through the Coordinator for Foreign Student Affairs, in coordination with the University Coordinator for Foreign students, shall issue Notice of Admission to qualified applicants.
4. The College proceeds with the assessment of the student once proper confirmation is done.

We prioritize the interest and comfort of our students. To avoid inconveniences, the student is advised to check the curriculum and the plan of study before applying for admission.

Medical Exams Required:
ALL students are required have the following medical exams done in home country. And bring the detailed reports upon arrival to the Philippines.
- Chest X-ray (bring the original negative of your X-ray plate)
- Urine Analysis & Stool Analysis
- Blood Serology tests - VDRL test (Veneral Disease Research Laboratory Slide Test) RPR test (Rapid Plasma Ragin Test)
- Malaria Test